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When the Work/Life Balance Just Isn’t by AJ Stylist, Rebecca Goss

When the Work/Life Balance Just Isn’t by AJ Stylist, Rebecca Goss

  • Arianna Jesinghaus

“Just one more email.”

“Just one more update.”

“Just one more order to package.”

Meanwhile, your family is waiting to spend time with you, your head is pounding from exhaustion and likely dehydration since you’re living on coffee and wine, and you don’t remember the last time you filled your lungs with fresh air. Perhaps this is an exaggeration (it’s not for me!), but it’s so easy to find the work/life balance is Just. Not. Balanced.

Girl, I feel ya. We try to do it all- be super mom, super partner, super stylist, and before we know it we find ourselves so burnt out that we just can’t even with the next launch. This is when you need to step back. As contrary as it seems, just stop. Walk away. Put the phone down. It’s crucial that you hit the pause button so you can recharge and refocus. It’s not forever; your business won’t crash because of it. Take a couple days doing what makes you happiest (non-work related, of course).

After your break, your most important to-do is reassessing how you handle your Amelia James business. What you were doing before just wasn’t working. Let it go. Start fresh. Of course, there’s no one way to run your business. Some basic suggestions to try:

Set work hours – Make a schedule and stick to it. Tell your group/team your work hours. Just as people respect hours of operation for brick-and-mortar businesses (unless you’ve worked as a waitress and know what it’s like to get that table of 7 within 5 minutes of closing…), your customers and team will understand.

Schedule social media posts – This has been a lifesaver for many stylists! You can set up so many posts on multiple platforms and this will help keep your social media presence consistent. I especially recommend doing this if you’re going on vacation. Scratch that – WHEN you go on vacation!  

Devote certain days to certain tasks – this is a complement to the other two suggestions. Have a day set to prepare all your Instagram posts; another for Facebook, another for outfit flat lays, live sales, etc. It helps to have just one focus per day so you don’t risk becoming overwhelmed with too many things to do at once.


Work/life balance is so ultimately important for your own well-being and your business’s. Sometimes it’s not the best idea to “just push through”. Be aware of your mental and physical health and take a break when necessary and YES, breaks are necessary. You’ll come back to your business better than ever and very likely be more efficient. Being self-aware doesn’t mean you’re weak or you can’t handle it – you’re actually 100% handling it by taking a step back and refocusing. Breathe in, breathe out, sip, sip, and handle it, mama!


About Rebecca Goss: 

Rebecca has been with Amelia James since November 2017. She’s a wife, mom of two boys, and lover of wine and all carbs. In addition to Amelia James, Rebecca has a day job and also co-admins the Amelia James Marketing & Promotions group on Facebook. She resides on Cape Cod in Massachuset